Multiple Virtual FTP Accounts with Plesk

Recently I needed to provide a way for multiple clients to connect to a server via FTP for a single domain, and all without creating any actual system user accounts. The server has the Plesk control panel installed, so I thought it would be a case of simply looking through the Plesk documentation to find a feature built into the control panel to allow for this.

Luckily for me I found an article over on the Parallels knowledge base related to my problem; however it didn’t provide a viable solution because I needed the additional FTP user accounts to be virtual: not actual system accounts that have simply been “chroot”-ed to their home directories. Eventually I stumbled upon the ProFTPD documentation: ProFTPD is the FTP software that current versions of Plesk ship with, and thankfully found what I was looking for.

ProFTPD allows you to create multiple virtual users by using an AuthUserFile directive. The AuthUserFile directive sets the path of a textual file containing a list of users and passwords for authentication.
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